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Miranda L. Bondeson


Dog/Puppy Trainer

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’4"

Location: Minnesota

Passport: yes


Music videos

Brendan Brooks Music Video:  Congregation Member    Hollie Wolfgram


Short Film:  High School Student    Briana Lee

Panthera Leo:  House Guest    Alicia Shenreice


Cabaret:  Stage Manager  & Fight Choreographer - Winona State University

The Moors:  Huldey  - Winona State University

These Shining Lives:  Pearl  - Winona State University

OnStage "A Look Back":  Singing & dancing    Steve Albaugh - high school performance

You Can't Take it With You:  Mrs. Kirby    Nathan Miller - high school performance

OnStage "That's LIFE":  Singing & dancing    Steve Albaugh - high school performance

Arts Lab:  Roommate, Neverland 911 Operator, Student & fight choreographer    Nathan Miller & Laura Sandham - high school performance

Disney's Newsies:  Visiting Newsie, Goon, Police Officer    Kayla Schmidt - Children's Castle Theatre

It's a Wonderful Life:  Towns Person    Molly McElroy - Black Dirt Theatre

Shrek the Musical:  Forrest Family Bigs     Bob Lawrence - Black Dirt Theatre

Arts Lab:  5 Year Old Girl, Yoga Instructor, High School Student, Museum Guard     Nathan Miller & Laura Sandham - high school performance

King Arthur:  Guard    Kayla Schmidt - Children's Castle Theatre

The Little Mermaid:  Tap dancing seagull    Kayla Schmidt - Children's Castle Theatre

Billy Elliot:  Featured Dancer (Young Grandma), Police Officer, tap dancer    Kayla Schmidt - Children's Castle Theatre

Wizard of Oz:  Talking Tree    Kayla Schmidt - Children's Castle Theatre

Bye Bye Birdie:  Mayor's Wife - Middle School Performance

Father Knows Best:  Stage Manager - Middle School Performance

Annie Jr.:  Lieutenant Ward, Servant    Michael Skaar - Applause! Broadway

Willy Wonka Jr.:  Grandma Josephine, Cook     Michael Skaar - Applause! Broadway

Aladdin:  Servant, Statue     Daniel Reynolds - Homeward Bound Theatre Company

The Wizard of Oz:  Munchkin, Dorothy's understudy     Syd Haynes - Homeward Bound Theatre Company 


2010 - present

2010 - present

Training & Workshops

The Actors Blueprint - Megan Foley Marra & Chuck Marra

Stage Combat Actor Combatant:  Pass in Quarterstaff by the SAFD 2019, Pass in Unarmed by the SAFD 2018, Pass in Rapier & Dagger by the SAFD 2018 (The Society of American Fight Directors & The Fake Fighting Company LLC)

Advanced Acting L.A. Workshop:  Musetta Vander and Jeff Jones

TV and Film Acting:  David Tom (Daytime Emmy winner)

Modeling/Runway:  Suzanne Von Schaack

Modeling Runway/Pageant:  Faith Schway

Modeling Runway/Pageant:  Mary Swenson

Vocal Workshop:  Adam Lasher and John Henny

Scene study and Improv:  Joey Paul Jensen

Scene Study:  Chuck Marra

Monologues:  Megan Foley and Wendy Wright

Improv:  Britt George

Commercials:  Lisa Pantone

Audition Techniques:  Susie Mains

Hip Hop dance:  Micah Williams

Improv, Monologue, Scene study, Vocal:  Samantha Alonso  

Barbizon, Minneapolis, MN:  Dena Campbell, Directer of Education (modeling and acting)

Private acting coach:  Damon Pfaff, Dialogue/Acting Coach, Hollywood, CA

D&A Talent, Edina, MN:  Ed Noreen, Acting Coach; Scott Keely, Acting Coach; Connie Steckling, Modeling Coach

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